Sure to Drown & 60 Miles Gone Singles

by The Cheeky Few

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"Sure to Drown" and "Sixty Miles Gone" have become staples of our live show for very different reasons. A Cheeky Few show aims to run the gamut from silly to emotional, from political to personal while exploring a variety of musical genres. We wanted our first release to contain a sense of these elements in just two songs.

All proceeds from "Sure to Drown" received via Band Camp will be donated to Amnesty International to continue the fight for human rights worldwide.


released February 26, 2016

Tina Duldulao-Vocals
Josh Hartford-Electric guitar, vocals
Paul Jones-Bass, percussion
Nat Pickering-Acoustic guitar, vocals
Vince Reyes-Drums

Engineered and mixed by Paul Jones in Whittier, CA on 1/18/16



all rights reserved


The Cheeky Few Whittier, California

The Cheeky Few are from Whittier, CA. Country, folk, and early rock and roll provide the inspiration for their songs. The aim is to add something new to the well worn traditions of our country's best music.


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Track Name: Sure to Drown
"Sure to Drown" (Pickering/Hartford)

Floating dungeon on Atlantic Seas
Stolen souls are chained ‘tween each other’s knees
There’s five hundred maybe more
For forced labor on the Carolina shore
Don’t you wheeze and don’t you cough
Sick ones pulled on deck and they toss ‘em off

And they’re sure to drown
Well they’re sure to drown
When the ship goes down
They’ll surely drown
When the ship goes down
They’re sure to drown

Poor folks pay for a chance at paradise
‘Cause times have changed and now we’re civilized
In a rubber boat or a rusty van
For South Europe or across the Rio Grande
And it don’t matter if they meet their lord
I got my money before they came aboard


Pulled by hunger pushed out by war
They take low wages we ain't gonna offer more
For those who reach our fertile land
Do you see a problem, or do you see a man?
If we don’t change course, if we let things flow
We’ll end up in that fiery lake that’s down below

And we’re sure to drown
Well we’re sure to drown
When the ship goes down
We’ll surely drown
When the ship goes down
We’re sure to drown
Track Name: Sixty Miles Gone
"60 Miles Gone" (Pickering)
Her- You were the first to give me, a second look
So I took the line, the sinker, and the hook
It's not real clear just what you gave
But I know how much you took
Like somethin from an old country song

It dawned on me that love don't have to be this way
Where you lay down the law, and I obey
I put the car in gear, I headed west
You could never make me stay
Before you noticed, I was thirty miles gone

Thirty miles gone, thirty miles gone,
This little girl well she stood up
Now she's big and proud and strong
Before you notice, I'll be thirty miles gone

Him-When I woke up this mornin' you, were on my mind
You know a sweeter girlie I won't ever find
When I get mad or when I stray you were never less than kind
It took some thinkin' but I guess I was wrong

So I stumble down the stairs I know, just how to please
Goin' out to buy your flowers, put your mind at ease
But the keys ain't there and no one's home
Except a gentle autumn breeze
I learned my lesson but you were sixty miles gone

Sixty miles gone, sixty miles gone
The time I took to get things right
It was just to God damn long
And when I sobered up, you were sixty miles gone

Her-I heard from folks back home that you aren't doin well
That you you can't comprehend that I could break your spell
They say you've changed you want me back
I'm to far away to tell
I started livin' once I was ninety miles gone

Ninety miles gone, ninety miles gone
This little girl, well she grew up now she's big and proud and strong
I started living once I was ninety miles gone

Ninety miles gone, ninety miles gone
This little girl, well she grew up, big and proud and strong
And when you looked around I was ninety miles gone